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Remember the Yellow Pages? That bulky book you had to turn pages to find a business listing in your locality? That form of business marketing is long gone. Online marketing has taken the world by storm. Businesses are turning online to draw in clients and subsequent sales.

Marketing strategies like the use of social media platforms have gained popularity, but is it the best tool to optimize your sales?
Here we look at four concrete reasons why a website is the best option for marketing your business in comparison to Facebook.

A Verisign study conducted in 2015 reported that 84% of consumers believe that small businesses with websites are more credible than ones without.
Having a business website gives you a professional look in the eyes of potential clients.

A website builds trust in your clients, giving you an edge over your competitors. It assures your client that your business is legitimate. This builds the client’s confidence in buying from you.
Clients also get to sign up for your email list. You gain a huge audience to whom you can send many emails as often as you can on offers or promotions.

A website allows you to exclusively brand it the way you want. You decide which content to showcase. Moreover, you have a say when it comes to offers, promotions, and any updates that need to be made.

Having your website email addresses personalized to reflect your business name gives clients the impression that you are a professional.
Facebook denies you this uniqueness. You have to abide by its set guidelines.
You cannot modify the business page since it is a pre-set template.

You control the website. You can change it to align with emerging trends.
You decide on which features to include, those to edit or remove. In case of technical issues, you take the appropriate action to solve them.

Facebook does not offer a direct contact link in case your business page experiences technical issues or upgrades don’t work.
When Facebook decides to make any changes or updates, you are not consulted. You are expected to update accordingly.

Efficiency in customer service is paramount. A website provides a professional way to handle customers. By offering answers to the frequently asked question (FAQ) section, you enable clients to receive instant replies.

This encourages positive customer relations. This is a bonus since all the positive feedback you get can become testimonials for you to show off.
It also allows you to develop a digital assistant or to create a help center in case an urgent response is required.
You do not get either of these features on a Facebook business page.

A business website has far more benefits than just a Facebook business page.
It is a powerful marketing tool that if utilized well can draw a lot of potential clients resulting in high sales.
A website gives you credibility, legitimacy and an online face to reckon with. This earns you the upper hand against your rivals.



Dorcas Wangui Anunda is a Freelance Content Writer, Digital Marketer, and Teacher. A Simple Lady, Spiritual, and Ambitious.

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