What comes to your mind when you think of an online way to destress yourself and at the same time enjoy the moment? Definitely, a card game will not escape your mind. The solitaire card game will be your first choice.

It has remained the favorite game for both the young and old. Its introduction on PC made it even more popular and it has evolved over the years with various additions and alterations to make it more engaging and fun.

The game is beneficial as it improves mental skills as one acquires analytical, sequential, and decision-making skills as they try to put factors into consideration such as the number of suits, those available on the stockpile, and the hidden ones in the tableau.

With the game now online, it becomes easily accessible and you are spoilt for choice on which one to pick and play. Having an option of playing the game free online without downloading it or the various intrusions like pop ads or redirects will make your playing session quite smooth and enjoyable.

One such site is  It has a large category of solitaire games to play from simple ones to challenging ones. The simple and easy explanation of how to play the game makes you want to try them all. It also gives you a history of the game, the game features, and various designs.





My favorite pick is the Christmas Solitaire. This holiday-themed game is quite entertaining as you play while being soothed by the Christmas carols. The timer ticking away keeps you on edge and you are also able to view your scores and current level.

christmas game









It is quite engaging and a sure bet to distracting yourself from your day-to-day hassles. You keep coming back to explore more as you advance in your skills and the zeal to explore new and challenging games. Jump in and discover these soothing entertainment options and let me know your favorite game.



Dorcas Wangui Anunda is a Teacher, Influencer, YouTuber, and a Content Writer at Kuidee Online Classroom. A simple lady, spiritual, and a go getter.

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