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When you get into any office, quickly scan around. I bet you will not miss an envelope. Envelopes are crucial in any office. They make it easy to retrieve stored documents. They ensure important documents are safeguarded and transported with ease.

You definitely possess a few envelopes, and you will need more soon. Learning to make your own envelopes can save you a lot of cash. I will take you through a simple procedure of how to make effective homemade envelopes.

Our focus will be on official envelopes, the A4 and A5 envelopes, and also the DL envelopes. You will learn from scratch how to cut the envelope paper into desired sizes, where to get the raw materials, contact, and location, and also how to price the homemade envelopes to earn some profit.

This is a profitable work from home handicraft idea you can transform into an income-generating activity.


  • The khaki paper is used for various purposes, from making khaki packaging paper bags, book covers, envelopes, and wrapping covers. For this reason, you need to be keen when purchasing the correct paper. Be specific and mention your intention for the khaki paper to avoid disappointment


  • The Khaki paper comes packed into reams. A ream consists of 200  sheets of paper. A ream costs Ksh. 2200/=.

  • If you can’t afford a ream, you are given an option to either buy half the ream or a single sheet which is priced at Ksh 15/=.


  • You can choose to make the various types of envelopes or narrow down to a specific size depending on your client’s needs


  • One sheet will give you 2 – A4s, 2 – A5s, and 3 small medical envelopes or 6 – A5s and 6 medical envelopes.


  • At your point of purchase, you can request your supplier to cut the khaki paper into your desired size at a small fee or opt to do it yourself. Most suppliers charge Ksh.100/= to cut each different size regardless of the number of sheets


  • Apart from the khaki envelope paper, you need glue to bind the paper to form an envelope. The best glue for envelopes is the Five Star Bookbinding glue.

  • The glue is fairly priced at Ksh. 180/= for half kg. Two of these will be enough to cover an entire rim of 200 sheets since you don’t apply a lot to get the work done.


  • You can buy a small brush for applying the glue but not necessary since the glue does not smell nor stick to your hands for long it dries and comes off easily


  • I supply khaki envelope papers and the five-star bookbinding glue.


  • An A4 envelope sells at Ksh.10/= while an A5 envelope goes for Ksh.5/=. Aim to sell at wholesale where A4 can go for Ksh 7  and the A5 at Ksh 3. If retailing, stick to the Ksh 10/= and Ksh 5/= respectively.


  • As for the small medicine envelope, bargain with the chemist attendant/owner and agree on a fee, usually Ksh. 1/= for each.


  • For any leftover piece of paper, you can customize the size and find suitable clients to buy e.g. the groundnut (Njugu Karanga) vendors or those selling khat (miraa).


  • Apart from the A4 and A5 envelopes, we have the DL Envelopes, which take a landscape format(check the blue envelope image above).

  • The  DL envelopes are used mainly during occasions like harambees, weddings, graduations, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, etc. They come in handy when you need to give a monetary gift during such occasions.


  • The DL envelope design format is slightly different. To make them you need to buy the big size and small size, open them up and draft the layout onto another paper. Using the layout, you make your own.


  •   Clients who need official envelopes are many. Banks, schools, companies, hospitals, cyber shops, etc. are in constant need of these envelopes.


  •    Make your pitch and offer free trial samples to your target client so as to gain trust and exposure.


Start your journey into cashing in on home-made envelopes by taking up this do it yourself challenge and making your own.

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Watch the following videos for a practical guide on how to make the envelopes.

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Dorcas Wangui Anunda is a Freelance Content Writer, Digital Marketer, and Teacher. A Simple Lady, Spiritual, and Ambitious.


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