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The barn of plastic paper bags in Kenya introduced woven carrier bags that were environmentally friendly. The carrier bags are in use daily and every homestead possesses three if not four of them.

carrier bag

These carrier bags are stored in volumes and only a few of them are used when the next shopping spree arises. You can put these extra carrier bags to use by converting them to beautiful homemade mats and carpets.

Wondering how? Stick around and I will shortly guide you on how to make them. There are other types of homemade carpets you can make using either a mat mesh or sack.

I have a full step by step guide and video tutorial you can check out here on how to make homemade carpets/mats using tapestry/mat mesh and a sack (gunia). Below is a guide on how you can convert your carrier bag into a simple yet beautiful mat or carpet.

• A carrier bag
• Chunky yarn…different colors
• Scissors
• Latch hook crochet
• Marker pen

 The woven carrier bags come in different colors and designs. Choose a carrier bag will a bound base. This type provides the best experience as it is easy to work through the colored woven threads.

 You begin by removing the base, then cutting through both edges to produce two separate pieces. For this method of mat/ carpet making, we require only one piece.

remove the base covering

 Work on the side that was on the interior. Draw your design using a marker pen.

 The best yarn to use for this project is chunky yarn. You can blend different colors of your choice.

chunky yarn

 The latch hook crochet is best for this type of mat/ carpet, as it is efficient enough to push through the thread and hook the yarn appropriately.

latch hook crochet

 You can choose to work horizontally or vertically, whichever way you find comfortable.

 You begin by closely examining the interior side to identify which colored thread is easy for the latch hook to go through. The white thread is usually the easiest to hook.

 Wrap the yarn fifteen times around your index and middle fingers. Cut off the bundle of yarn.

 Pass your scissors through the bottom part and cut the yarn. Hold the yarn strongly as you cut the upper part to give you two equal halves.

 Place the cut pieces of yarn aside but within reach.

 Pick your latch hook and pass it through the bag thread. Ensure the hook completely passes through to the other side and opens up.

how the latch hook crochett should go through the carrier bag

 Pick a piece of yarn, fold it, and closely hold on to both ends.

 Hook the latch hook crochet then slowly pull backward. As you do so, the hook automatically closes itself. The crochet should come out on the other side with the folded part of the yarn.

how the folded yarn should go through the bag thread

 While still holding the two end parts, open up the crochet and hook both ends. Pull backward ensuring the two ends go through the folded yarn. The yarn is now tightly in place. You can secure it further by pulling the knot downwards.

 Repeat this process for each alternative thread until you fill your design pattern and finally the entire mat.

 In case you find any open spaces, you can easily fill them up.

 If you need a larger and wider mat or carpet, you can join two, three, or more pieces using a backstitch.

And there you have it! Your homemade carrier bag mat/ carpet.

This procedure is simple enough to teach even young children. I challenge you to start off on this DIY project and gaze proudly at the works of your hand.

Below is the step by step video tutorial on how to make a simple homemade mat/carpet using a woven carrier bag.



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