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Mats and carpets have become a necessity in our homes, offices, businesses, and churches. We use them to add aesthetic beauty to our rooms, to make the floor warmer, and to cover the bare floor which might have an unpleasant view.

Purchasing the mats and carpets can stretch your resources hence the need to learn how to make your own with minimal resources.

Homemade carpets and mats do not require much capital, just commitment, a positive attitude, and the skill to use the yarn and tools to bring out a beautiful product.

This is a handicraft idea you can master and add to your home decor. It is also a profitable work from home job options. The beauty in homemade carpets is the ability to choose your own colors and designs. Carpets and mats come in different designs and methods.

Types of Mats / Carpets

There are five designs or methods you can use to make your homemade carpets. These methods are:

a, Pompom mats

b, Shaggy mats

c, Looped mats

d,  Loop open-cut mats

e, Gunia punch mats


  1. For the base, you use a mat mesh which is also called tapestry.

  • The mat mesh is sold in meters depending on the length you need. They also come in different colors.
  • 2. You need a crotchet – the aluminium crochet or latch hook crochet

    latch hook crochet

    3. Yarn – you can use the chunky yarn (uzi nono) or the small yarn.

    chunky yarn

    4. Scissors to cut your yarn.

    5. Marker pen to mark out your design.

    • You should try all the five methods and once familiar with all, you can choose the one which you are comfortable making. However, you should strive to make mats and carpets using all the methods.


    • To sell your carpets, start with your friends, neighbors, relatives, and colleagues. Showcase your skills by displaying and using the mats in your own home. They become your first clients. You can move on to supplying your carpets to your local market, businesses, and beyond.


    • You can also opt to train those interested once you have gained enough experience. The yarn and crotchets can be sourced from your local beauty shop, retail and wholesale shops, or supermarkets that deal with salon products.


    • I supply all the above materialss to your desired destination via your prefered parcel delivery service . You incur the transportation charges.


    • A meter of mat mesh costs  Kshs.1500/=. You have the option of purchasing half a meter at Kshs. 750/=.


    • Chunky yarn sells at Kshs.100/= if you buy one but in bulk, it’s cheaper. The small yarn sells at Kshs.50/=.


    • The  aluminium crochet costs Kshs. 50/=.


    • The latch hook crochet costs Kshs. 150/=.


    • Small yarn punch needle costs  Kshs. 400/= while for the chunky yarn it costs Ksh.800/=.


    • As for the Gunia, it depends on the size you want but basically the 10 kg Gunia is used for doormats while a larger carpet requires you to join a few 50 kgs to 90kgs gunias.


    • Pompom kit used to make the pompom mats costs Kshs.1200/=.



    • I will attach a video tutorial below to show you how to make the carpets and mats using the five methods discussed above. Kindly leave your comment below.


    • Any question, advice, or guidance is highly welcome and appreciated. I also do group training to chamas, church groups, and individuals.


    Kindly find the video tutorial below



    Dorcas Wangui Anunda is a Freelance Content Writer, Digital Marketer, and Teacher. A Simple Lady, Spiritual, and Ambitious.


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