Homemade khaki paper bags
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Khaki paper bags have become the new norm in our shopping routine. Cereals, sugar, rice, popcorn, chips, cookies…name it, are all carried away in khaki paper bags. Somebody somewhere is cashing in big on these packaging bags.

I am sure you have come across a unique name or an email address stamped on the khaki packaging bags. Homemade khaki paper bags have become a work from home option that is generating income.

This handicraft idea is a profitable do it yourself activity you can take up. Why not join other entrepreneurs as they reap from this venture.

I am here to guide you on how you can design homemade khaki paper bags in the comfort of your home and begin your journey to earning that extra income.

I will attach a video at the end of this article where I will demonstrate in simple easy to follow steps how to make homemade khaki paper bags. You can also check out this article, HOW TO MAKE 3 EFFECTIVE HOMEMADE ENVELOPES, and expand your knowledge, skills, and income.

As you make the khaki paper bags there are a few things you need to consider.


  • Khaki packaging paper bags are available in different qualities hence priced differently. They are measured in gsm.


  • The papers are packaged in reams. A ream contains 200 sheets.


  • A ream costs Ksh.2200/=. You can opt to buy half a ream or even a single sheet which is Ksh.15/=


  • The best quality is the Kraft paper as it can withstand heavy and oily content.


  • I  supply the Kraft paper. I also sell the woodblocks and five-star glue. We are located in Muranga but have a pickup point in Nairobi.


  • Once you buy the ream, I cut the sheets into the different sizes you need, whether ¼kg,1/2kg,1kg, or 2kg. These will only cost you an extra Ksh.100/= for each size.


  • If you have your own paper cutter at home or decide to simply use your ruler and scissors, then the video below will show you how to go about it.
  • To make the homemade khaki packaging paper bags into different sizes, you need woodblocks. The woodblocks are measured to fit the paper size of either the 1/4kg, 1/2kg, 1kg, or 2 kg paper bag. I sell each block at Ksh.150/=regardless of the kg size.


  • The wood type doesn’t matter but the recommended size is  4 by 2 inches. In the video, I give specific measurements that you can give to your local carpenter to cut out.


  • The recommended glue to use is the five-star bookbinding glue. It really ‘binds’ the edges as you need them to be. It doesn’t smell and it simply comes off when you wash your hands.
  • Half kg glue costs Ksh 180/=…..two of these are enough to complete a ream.

  • A sheet of paper will give you 12 – ¼ kg paper bags, 9 – ½ kg paper bags, or 6 – 1kg paper bags.


  • Pricing your khaki bags will depend on your location. Kindly research in your locality how much the wholesalers, retailers, or the khaki bag vendors are pricing theirs, then adjust accordingly.


  • Be keen on the size of the khaki packaging bag that is selling in your locality. This will help you avoid losses when you make a size that is not in demand.


  • You can customize your paper bags by designing a stamp with your own name, email, or customer’s business name. This is one way of selling your brand and many wholesalers and supermarkets buy this idea.


  • Packaging the paper bags will depend on your client’s needs. Some buy in kgs, others in bundles of 100 while others prefer buying a single paper bag.


  • You will need a pack of rubber bands to package your paper bags. I have them in packages of ksh.100/- each.

With this information at hand, kindly take up the challenge and start your khaki bag packaging journey. Kindly comment as your feedback is much appreciated.

For inquiries and guidance, leave your email in the comment section and I will respond accordingly.

You can also check out my youtube channel KUIDEE ONLINE CLASSROOM

for more of these video tutorials.

Watch the video below and learn how to make the khaki packaging paper bags.



Dorcas Wangui Anunda is a Freelance Content Writer, Digital Marketer, and Teacher. A Simple Lady, Spiritual, and Ambitious.


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