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I express my thoughts and feelings best in writing. It is a fulfilling endeavor whenever I pen down my opinion, ideas, and suggestions. It is a nice way to record my memories over time.

However, I was not aware until recently, that my writing passion can impart positively to others and at the same time profit me with earnings.
The year 2020 brought with it COVID -19.

The pandemic turned our lives upside down, causing us to re-organize our lives and consider diversifying our earning potential. With the stay- at home directive from our government, I was forced to remain indoors since I am a teacher and my number one client, my pupils were home as well.

The long hours idling around was not my piece of cake. Being industrious, I felt deprived and longing to work. I turned to the internet to look for something profitable to do in line with my passion for writing.

Numerous searches on online jobs, side hassles and stay at home job options landed me on freelance writing. I quickly got captivated and yearned to know more.

I read various online articles on becoming a savvy freelance content writer and the skills required to make it a fulfilling career option. I gained a lot of insights from FreelancerKenya.

I also turned to Facebook freelance writing groups where I gained mentors who offered numerous freebie courses that started me off on my freelancing career.

I took up a writing and translation course from Ajira Digital Program where I discovered that there is more to freelance writing than just jotting down words and sentences.

I discovered freelance writing is broad and hence the need to specialize in one or two categories. I narrowed my focus on SEO article writing and embarked on upskilling on SEO.

This is a fundamental skill for any freelance content writer seeking to write SEO researched articles. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is simply the method used to ensure a website and its content are ranked highly on search engines like Google and Bing. This is important to any entrepreneur, business, or company working online.

As an SEO content writer, one is expected to craft quality and unique content that will get the client’s website to rank top on the first page. All this is aimed at ensuring a searcher reaches the client’s website first, gets a solution to what they were searching for, and stays on for future interactions.

By doing so, a searcher will transit to either a subscriber, follower, or buyer. To ensure this happens, an SEO content writer needs to employ the keyword research and analysis tool.

They need to understand the client they are working for, their goal, and their target audience. They also need to understand what the client’s target audience is searching for online, the answers they are seeking, the words they are using to search, and the content they desire.

Having these insights will enable an SEO freelance content writer to craft quality content that will rank on search engines as well as earn them future contracts with clients.

I believe I have acquired the basics in SEO but am not stopping there. I am delving deeper into the SEO world so as to remain relevant and deliver quality results to my current and future clients.



Dorcas Wangui Anunda is a Freelance Content Writer, Digital Marketer, and Teacher. A Simple Lady, Spiritual, and Ambitious.


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