Below is a simplified Tpad2 Appraisal deputy’s guide on how to appraise your teachers and submit completed appraisals to your headteacher for countersigning.
Before we begin I wish to remind you that if you have not appraised yourself you need to do so first. Check my post on how to appraise yourself via phone.


1. On your preferred browser, type Tpad2 then select Tpad Home.

2. Select Teacher / Deputy option

3. Log in to your Tpad2 account by inputting your T.S.C. number, I.D number, and password.



4. Once you access your dashboard. .go to Appraiser Appraisals.

5. Select Weekly Attendance…this is where you input data for the teachers depending on how many lessons each teacher has per week.

6. Click on Add Attendance…select the teacher, week ending, lesson to be taught, lessons taught, lesson recovered then give your remark and save. Repeat this process for all teachers.

7. Week ending means you only enter the date of every Friday of that week for that term.




1. Once through with all the teachers, move to Pending Appraisals.

2. Click on Pending Appraisals…here you find all the appraisals submitted by your teachers.

3. Select one teacher at a time…proceed to appraisal then go to Teaching Standards

4. Under standards, there are five categories to be filled…begin with the first one and gradually move downwards until you finish the fifth one.

5. Under each category, select edit rating …you will find a six-column table where specific targets to be achieved are listed, maximum weight, appraisee weight, appraiser weight, status, and the action column

6. You will be able to see how your appraisee has rated themselves for each target. Select each target and rate them by clicking the update rating tab under the action column. The ‘weight’ here simply refers to marks to be awarded.

7. Maximum weight is the highest score you can rate. Under each target you will find the marks range to award…lowest to highest.

8. Click on add weight and rate your appraisee then submit a rating.

9. When done with each category you are required to give a general comment concerning that category, maybe indicate a gap identified or make a recommendation then submit a comment.

10. After completing all categories click back to appraisal.

11. Move to update progress where you make a general comment regarding the teacher’s progress report on learners.




1. Next move to the Lesson Observation…this part will be highlighted in red if not done at least once a term.



2. Select add a record and choose the teacher to whom you want to add the observation details. You will be prompted to indicate the class, subject, topic and subtopic, and the roll. You indicate the observation date then save the record.



3. At this point you should log out and log in again for the observation details to reflect.

4. Once logged in, go to pending appraisals, select the teacher then select start observation.

5. Scroll down and select teacher to observe…the record will be reading -pending….click on the observe tab.

6. Under each category, rate the teacher and give comments and finally add the marks.

7. The maximum score is 1 mark per category so your range should be (0 -1)

8.  Give an overall comment and recommendation then Save.

9. Click back to appraisal.



9. Lesson observation marks will be displayed. Scroll down and select view/finish appraisal.

10. Here you will find a summary view of the appraisee appraisal. Scroll down.

11. Make your overall appraiser comment, save then click on complete appraisal.

12. The teacher’s details will appear indicating awaiting appraisal meeting.



1. On the left-hand side under appraiser appraisals, select schedule meetings.

2. A screen will appear indicating awaiting appraisals. Click on schedule meeting and go ahead to indicate a date. The time is indicated by default.

3. Once you click on save schedule, the appraisal is moved to scheduled appraisal. Repeat the process for all teachers.

4. Move to the scheduled appraisals, select a teacher, and start meeting.

5. Click on update standard then update ratings. This is the part where you input the agreed ratings.



6. Click on the action tab. Choose to select either agree weight or disagree weight. By agreeing it will input marks the same as for the appraiser. If you disagree you will be prompted to insert a different rating.

7. Repeat the process for all the five categories then click the back to appraisal tab.

8. Select the view/finish tab. Scroll down the summary view and click finish appraisal meeting then select back to appraisal.

9. The teacher’s lesson observation marks and appraisal marks will be displayed and the appraisal will indicate 100% completion and awaiting countersigning.

10. Your work is done. The appraisal has been successfully submitted to the headteacher for countersigning.


For more resources on Tpad2 Appraisal and operational manual, kindly check out the T.S.C website on

Performance Management (PC and TPAD)


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Dorcas Wangui Anunda is a Teacher, Influencer, YouTuber, and a Content Writer at Kuidee Online Classroom. A simple lady, spiritual, and a go getter.

          1. On my dashboard there’s massage blinking’alert awaiting your attention”how do l remove or act on it?

          2. Just click on it to see what the alert is about. It is usually a reminder of a task you have not completed.However , sometimes it still blinks when you have done all that is required, if so, just ignore it.

      1. Good job. Now kindly advise on how to access lesson observation marks for the whole institution. So that I can fill in the term summary

        1. You need to access each teacher’s account,once you open this term’s appraisal click on view /submit and the lesson observation marks will be displayed.

  1. Hi,a good article madam.Thanks for helping us face this difficult task of online appraisal.would you plz share the same on my email’’ so that I can’t print and follow the steps.Thnks in advance.

      1. Hello Dorcas i hope you are fine. I was unable to complete my appraisal last time even though it shows 100% complete. Have been made the appraiser by the institution but something seems not to be working.

  2. Good one madam ,continue sharing with us on digital platforms on more to come please.share with us on how to appraise deputy online.thanx in advance

  3. what to if a status reads completed appraisal meeting…i thought it should read waiting for counter signing…help

  4. A good article.
    I have experienced a problem while appraising teachers. On reaching the part of ‘update’ instead of opening up for me to add weight, it’s just taking me back. How can you help me?

    1. This is usually because of network issues and especially when everybody is accessing the website to beat the deadline. Keep rechecking and try early morning or late night.

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